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Ozone Hydrotherapy is a well established form of alternative medical therapy.
Healthcare professionals around the world use it as a complementary therapy and has been around for more than 50 years.
Ozone can be introduced to the body through water absorption, injection or other ways.

Many people including doctors and biochemist believe ozone has remarkable healing properties especially when used with precise medical ozone generators. Hundreds of articles have been published in medical journals on positive outcomes of medical ozone research and application for a range of pathology.

How Oxygen and Ozone relate to each other?

    Ozone is supercharged oxygen made up of three oxygen atoms and when it comes into contact with water, it transforms into oxygen that can penetrate deeply into human skin with effectiveness and oxygen is a primary nutrient that cells use to generate energy.
Why Ozone is so useful?
      Ozone has excellent therapeutic properties as it can help improve the immune system, detox and cleanse the lymph system. Many of the ailments that afflict the human body take root in low oxygen environment. By exposing the body to high oxygen environment the body can then easily rod itself of harmful bacteria and improve the immune system.

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