Colour Therapy / Chromatherapy / Chromotherapy with Ozonomatic Jolly Med


Jolly Med Colour Effects


Chromotherapy is an independent feature from the Ozone hydrotherapy functions of the Jolly MED device and, as such, it can be activated at any time by using the appropriate button. The user can associate the chromatic effect to any of the functions of the device. The lighting will last for a further 10' after the end of any of the programs of hydro massage (Chapter 4.0) and then turn off automatically (white light of courtesy). When the Lighting button is pressed, you will immediately obtain the lighting effect, which can be personalized as desired.


RED energy, vitality

Colour Therapy RedThe vital colour par excellence. Give us strength, energy, courage and serenity. It is a decongestant, and revitalises the circulation, with a specific anti-rheumatic action. It is good for anaemia and stimulates the liver.


YELLOW – creativity, imagination

cromo giallo piccola


Acting on the left-hand side of the brain, it sharpens and stimulates creativity with its exciting effects. Stimulates the muscles and aids digestion because it stimulates the flow of gastric juices through the pancreas and the thymus gland. In children it encourages learning. Not recommended for people suffering from anxiety since it could promote some undesirable effects such as insomnia.


GREEN – harmony, poise

cromo verde piccola


It has a balancing effect on the organism, invigorates the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on disturbances caused by excessive emotional sensitivity. It cleanses the kidneys and stimulates the liver.


VIOLET – spirituality, awareness

cromo viola piccola


It has a strong relaxing effect, stimulates awareness and spirituality. Reinforces the effects of meditation and has calming powers. It stimulates the spleen, regulates blood pressure and is a decongestant. also reduces the appetite. Very dark shades should be avoided because they could have a depressing effect.


BLUE – depth, relaxation

cromo blu piccola


It invigorates the body and mind. Well known for its relaxing effects. Stimulates introspection. It is a sedative which helps to overcome anxiety. Lowers blood pressure and cures migraine and chronic insomnia.


WHITE – radiance, purity

cromo bianco


It has a normalizing function of general relaxation. It is an anti-asthmatic and an activator of digestion.