Ozonated water increases energy levels.
Ozone Hydrotherapy delivers extra oxygen into the body.


Bathing in ozonated water is an excellent treatment for skin disorders. It can be used to ease muscle soreness, in recovery from spinal and back injuries and neck stiffness.

You will sleep better and have more energy for enjoying yourself.....Plus more .....

Simple to Use System in YOUR Own Bath can be incorporated into a healing or wellness plan as directed by a physician.


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Boxful of Joy - Ozonomatic Products Distributors for UK & Ireland

WHY not TRY Ozonomatic at no cost?
With a stronger immune system

- it will help to protect against colds and flu- NO needles - No jabs needed. :-)          
- your wounds will heal faster
- you will get more energy
- you will sleep better


Safe for children !!!! 

ozoneDid you Know that Nature cleans the air for us of harmful bugs, fungus and pathogens in the same way?
Can you remember the fresh smell of the air after rain and lightening?  - That is OZONE

How can I try it?  Press the TRIAL button to request a SYSTEM in your own home.

We will send you an Intake Form to fill in first. We want make sure the product is suitable for you. 
If Ozonomatic is not for you we will let you know why.
When we have qualified your request we will send you the equipment to enjoy for a week.

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